फसलों की रोपाई की नाली सि‍चि‍त उभरी क्‍यारी प्रणाली और फसल उत्पादन में उभरी क्‍यारी रोपाई के फायदे

In bed planting systems, wheat or other crops are planted on the raised beds in ridge - furrow system. This system is often considered more appropriate for growing high value crops that are more sensitive to temporary water logging stress. Farmers often raise crops such as cotton, maize-soybean and wheat on the raised beds. However, the practice of growing rice, the major water-using crop in rice-wheat systems, on narrow raised beds was introduced only very recently in the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) to reduce water use, conserve rainwater and improve system productivity.

Recent work shows that system of raised bed planting of crops may be particularly advantageous in areas where groundwater levels are falling and herbicide-resistant weeds are becoming a problem.

This tillage and crop establishment option also facilitates crop diversification and intercropping of wheat, chickpea and Indian-mustard with sugarcane, maize with potato, mint with wheat, rice with soybean, and pigeon pea with sorghum or green gram.

Although bed planted wheat in rotation with soybeans covered more