बंद गोभी की उन्‍नत प्रजातियॉं


द्वारा विकसित उपज (कुं / हैक्‍टेयर)



 IARI Katrain


Developed in 198d for northern hills and gangetic plains. Plant with short stalk, medium sized light green leaves having wavy margins and slightly puckered leaf blade. Heads slightly flat, resistant to black rot.

BSS-50 (Bajrang)

Beejo Sheetal Seeds, Jalnal  

Heads are dark green, smooth, highly compact av. head weight 1 kg, outer leaves are upright, matures in 65 days but can stand on the field for 45 days after maturity, tolerate high temperature upto 360C, resistnace to Fusarium wilt.

 BSS-32 (Survarna)  Beejo Sheetal Seeds, Jalnal    Heads are round, av head weight 3 kg, strong smooth outer leaves, matures in 110 days
 BSS-44  Beejo Sheetal Seeds, Jalnal    Heads are roundish, av weight 2.5 kg, matures in 75 days but can stand for 20 days in field after maturity, grows well both in cold and hot weather, resistance to Fusarium wilt.
 BSS-115 (Sudha)  Beejo Sheetal Seeds, Jalnal    Heads are hightly compact, good interior structure, matures in 75 days and can be grown round the year, av. weight of head is 2-3 kg, have resistance to Fusarium wilt.
Sri Ganesh Gol Maharashtra Hyprid Seeds, Jalna.  750- 875  Plants are vigorous, heads are round, compact, attractive, bluish green becomes ready for harvest in 90 to 95 days after nursery sowing, resistance to yellowing , good transport quality 

Golder Acre



Pusa Drum Head

 IARI 400

Resistant to Black rot.

Pusa Mukta



छोटे तने वाला पौधा, चपटा-गोल बंद, मध्‍यम आकार , पत्‍ता हलका हरा लहरदार, ब्‍लैक रोट प्रतिरोधी किस्‍म। रोपाई के 70-75 दिन बाद तैयार हो जाती है। 1988 मे विक्‍सित यह किस्‍म सम्‍पूर्ण भारत के लिए उपयुक्‍त है